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Pass your IADC exam and get your IADC certificate of completion - we give you solid understanding of the material, proven by our students’ 88% GPA, and
fantastic passing rate of 97%. 

Our BOP course is the result of 50 years of field experience, delivered with excellent learning methods.

Learning oil and gas blowout prevention methods at
Global Well Control school truly gives you the knowledge
to prevent incidents and to address unexpected events.

Our IADC pass rate is well above average: 97%!

Our students boast a solid GPA of 88%.

Both of these are well above industry average.

You get the best schooling for well control safety training when you learn with us.

We offer superior training services to the oil field industry - our students have some of the highest test scores around.

You win when you train with us.

We ensure you learn, understand, know.

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demands on the oil and gas engineer

Your job.

Your career.

Your responsibilities.

Your safety.

The safety of your crew.

Industry requirements.

So many reasons to get the training you need!

Success and safety is dependent on knowledge.

Your crew is worth it, you can't put a price on safety -
yours or theirs.

How do you decide who to select for training?

Your time and investment are valuable.
We appreciate that you are considering investing your time and resources with Global Well Control.

drillers taking safety class at Global Well Control

Here's why to train with us.

We give you the time and attention you need to
completely learn and understand.

IADC pass rate of our students

is well above average at 97%.

Our students have a GPA of 88%.

Truly, we are here to serve you.

We’ve been in your boots, at the rig since 1968, and training since 1982.

We know that training is a little less fun than going to a game, hunting, or having friends and family over.

But your training is necessary and might just save your life, or the life of your fellow roughneck, new roustabout or your friendly rig operator.

Seriously, there are many reasons why you need a blow-out prevention training program, and BOP training is a life-saving skill.

And there’s the requirements for IADC WellSharp® courses, too, as IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors) Certification is mandatory every two years.

Global Well Control is dedicated to you, we offer you a way to learn thoroughly and quickly. Our instructors give extra time and work with you to make sure you understand what’s taught, that you learn the math processes and understand the thinking required to properly assess your rig situation.

More importantly, you’ll be trained with a firm understanding, able to look deeper into any rig situation.

This will help you to make key decisions, enabling you to be capable of immediate well intervention, and how to know what to do in a blow-out situation.

Along with your new knowledge base, we add a comfort level in taking your exams, giving you the confidence level you need when you are taking your test. After all, it comes down to just you and your well control test, and you want to pass and not freeze under exam pressure.

And now it’s harder than ever, with all the changes that have been made to the IADC exams. You want to be cool and confident, pass, and get back to your life, armed with your accreditation and new rig knowledge.

The IADC WellSharp® exams are tough, you need to be prepared.

Can you pass your
IADC WellSharp® exam?

Try a free sample IADC test to see just how ready you are!

Just take a look at their free sample exams to see what you need to know to pass your IADC WellSharp® exam! Here are links to the surface exams for both driller and supervisor sample tests, in both English and Spanish.

Want to pass your IADC WellSharp® exam?

Or do you need BOP training?

Be confident. 

Learn with
Global Well Control school! 

Get the advantage -
train with
Global Well Control!

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Reasons to learn at our well control school:

  1. We're here for you - Global Well Control works one-on-one with you to make sure you understand the how and why, all the way down to the very basics if you need that.         We are with you step-by-step during the training, building your knowledge, ability        and confidence, so you’re successful at passing your IADC WellSharp® exam.
  2. Our proven success rate - Our IADC pass/fail rates are very high, for example, the pass rates for Drilling Operations, Surface Stack Supervisor Level for 2018 is 97% pass, and these students boast a fantastic GPA of 88% - and both of these stats are well above industry average.  Does that sound good to you?  A fantastic pass rate AND one of the highest GPAs in the industry.  You pass well, which means you've learned it, you know it, you're safe and successful on your job.
  3. Chosen by professionals - We are dedicated to your success, whether you are preparing for an IADC WellSharp® exam or testing out on your BOP training, and you     will truly learn when you school with us. Folks that have trained with us have discovered how well we teach, and schools and universities like the University of Oklahoma rely on us when they need on-site training.
drillers hard work

Successful outcome of your next well control situation depends on you and your rig crews’ training and practice. Train your crews, and practice well control using BOP drills. A trained crew is essential to a safe well control situation. Your life, and that of those on your team, depends on it.  

Help yourself to more knowledge. Keep your career on track, your certification up to date, and keep yourself and your peers safe!

Be safe, learn well.  
Sign up for our classes.

IACD WellSharp® Accredited Courses.

IADC – the International Association of Drilling Contractors – was created to enhance the knowledge of personnel in the petroleum industry. Global Well Control supports the IADC accreditation standards which act as a knowledge assessment to enhance the capabilities of mechanical, technical and management personnel in drilling operations and well control training standards. GWC will give you with the training you need to pass the well control test, to help you get IADC WellSharp® certification.

When you come to Global Well Control for well control training, you will get a good understanding of the demands of the new the WellSharp® program (formerly WellCAP* and greatly changed as a result of industry changes and concerns, and IADC conference feedback). The WellSharp® well control courses have been created to basically align with OGP 476. There is still the focus on operations and task required skills, but now there are new areas which are key to safe and successful well drilling, including incident prevention, well management, and more training in risk awareness and assessment skills.  There is also consideration of additional barriers outside the blowout preventer which can be used to keep your workers safe 

Further, there is a lively discussion of new equipment, technology, capabilities and drilling environments which can be used to help you in unique drilling situations.

WellSharp® training is an excellent way to ‘get sharp’ – and the well control certification cost of time and money doesn not compare with the firm foundation of knowledge that you will gain when you study with Global Well Control school.

GWC offers IADC Wellsharp® for the drilling contractor at all different levels, all accredited by IADC. These easily identifiable levels will assist you when you are making your decisions about who should be trained in well control and at what level.

Global Well Control also provides two well-prepared IADC WellSharp® courses to help you with Well Servicing; they are Workover and Intervention for the Oil & Gas Representative, and Workover for the Equipment Operator.

We invite you to come and take our classes - ride along with us!  You'll be glad you did.

Drilling Operations / GWC Memphis, Texas

Global Well Control IADC Drilling Operations Awareness Level

Drilling Operations
          Awareness Level

Awareness Level – Comprised of basic, necessary well control knowledge, this drilling operations course is designed for support personnel who do not have direct well control responsibilities, but do need to understand basic concepts. There is no prerequisite for this course; it is excellent for students, graduates and non-technical personnel.

1 day; $250 per student

Global Well Control IADC Drilling Operations Introductory Level

Drilling Operations
          Introductory Level

Introductory Level - This drilling operations course covers basic well control knowledge for rig crews, floorhands, unit assistants, roustabouts and other non-technical personnel. There are no prerequisites for this course, and passing of this class is required for anyone desiring to take the IADC Driller Level program.

1.5 days; $450 per student

Drilling Operations, Surface Stack
GWC Memphis, Texas

Global Well Control IADC Drilling Operations Surface Stack Driller Level

Drilling Operations, Surface Stack
          Driller Level

Driller Level - Created for the driller and assistant driller, or for those wanting to increase their knowledge of well control and practical well control skills, this WellSharp® surface stack course focuses on detecting a kick and shutting in the well.

3.5 days; $1050 per student

Global Well Control IADC Drilling Operations Surface Stack Supervisor Level

Drilling Operations, Surface Stack
           Supervisor Level

Supervisor Level - Designed for job responsibilities above the Driller Level, ideal for toolpushers, superintendent and drilling foremen, this WellSharp® surface stack course is focused on well kill procedures.  Prerequisite for this course is a prior certification at driller level or above.

3.5 days; $1100 per student

Well Servicing / GWC Memphis, Texas

Global Well Control IADC Workover and Intervention for the Oil & Gas Representative

Workover and Intervention for the Oil & Gas Representative

Who should take this course: Well services supervisor, completion supervisor, service leader, single discipline supervisor/engineer

This WellSharp® course addresses topics such as risk awareness and management, well control principles and calculations, barriers, influx fundamentals, gas characteristics, fluids, wellbore equipment, well control risks in wireline operations, pressure control equipment; snubbing equipment, coiled tubing operations, well kill in preparation for well intervention, testing, well control drill, workover operational processes of well control and related policies.

5 days; $1450 per student

Global Well Control IADC Workover for the Equipment Operator

Workover for the Equipment Operator

Who should take this course: Contractor superintendents, rig foreman, supervisors, driller crew chief, hydraulic workover equipment supervisors, pumping supervisors, frac supervisors, consultants

This WellSharp® course is designed for individuals primarily responsible for workover operational processes of well control, and is required for IADC WellSharp® certification of service company equipment operators.    

4.5 days; $1350 per student

Schedule your IADC WellSharp® training now!

Blowout Prevention at Global Well Control

BlowOut Prevention Training at GWC Memphis, Texas

Global Well Control’s Online BOP/BlowOut Prevention training (non IADC accredited) is curriculum previously accredited with IADC, and more.

This BOP class features exercises and testing on simulator equipment to teach you what to do in almost an unlimited combination of circumstances, giving you a solid understanding of preventative well control measures.

instructor demonstrating simulator equipment at Global Well Control

Students get intense, hands-on practice working through sophisticated event software which generates most every situation possible. These simulators also provide student training on fluid and gas mixing and multi-phase flow through the choke.

Our instructors have the knowledge and experience that benefit you, giving you whatever time and attention you need to get a firm grasp of this material.

When you complete the training, you'll know what you need to do.

blowout preventer training at Global Well Control

BlowOut Prevention Training

Learn about blowout preventer equipment to ensure it will operate properly and keep you and your team alive.

BOP class at Global Well Control

Global Well Control BOP Manual

Everything you need!

onshore supervisor risk managment course at Global Well Control

Risk Management
during Well Control
for the

Onshore Supervisor

Excellent for rig crews and support personnel; familiarizes you with fundamental well control concepts for constant bottom hole pressure methods. Limits liabilities.
Non IADC accredited.

5 days, $1400

This class is hosted at Global Well Control headquarters in Memphis, Texas.

No minimum is required for classes conducted at the GWC facility in Memphis, Texas
when pre-paid; subject to availability.

Remote Training

Global Well Control offers remote training, both at Oklahoma University in Norman, OK,
and, for your convenience, at your location.

WellSharp® Drilling Supervisor
Oklahoma University   

Oklahoma University
University of Oklahoma student

WellSharp® Drilling Supervisor, meets IADC Requirements

3.5 days; $1200 per student 

At your business.

Let us come and train at your facility,
for your convenience.

We bring IADC WellSharp®
Drilling Operations, Surface Stack
right to your door.

What could be easier than that?
Call to schedule your class, at your company!

global well control student

Drilling Operations
Awareness Level

1 day
$250 plus expenses

Intro to Drilling class, student turned around

Drilling Operations
          Introductory Level

1.5 days
$450 plus expenses
$65 Intro Level Test-Out

supervisors, drillers discussion

Drilling Operations, Surface Stack
           Driller Level

3.5 days
$1050 plus expenses

senior engineers

Drilling Operations, Surface Stack
           Supervisor Level

3.5 days
$1100 plus expenses

Global Well Control travel teaches for oil and gas personnel

Workover and Intervention for the Oil & Gas Representative

5 days
$1450 plus expenses 

Global Well Control travel instuctor teaching

Workover for the Equipment Operator

4.5 days
$1350 plus expenses 

With the Global Well Control Traveling School, there is a 6 student minimum.
The client provides the training facility and is responsible for instructor's expenses which include hotel for instructor and $0.50 per mile from Memphis, Texas.
GWC bull rider
C'mon along, enjoy the ride.


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